Our Philosophy

Teaching Children is a commitment and responsibility. All children deserve respect and require to be loved. We believe that education is a combination of various aspects of life in which both teachers and parents are equal contributors to childs overall personalities. At Little World we ensure that we guide them during these early and crucial formative years.

LITTLE WORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL places the student at the center of the learning process.

Utilizes a range and balance of teaching styles to allow each student to fully develop as a whole person.

Nurtures a family atmosphere and community spirit in our learning environment.

Implements non-discriminatory practices and inclusive education.

Involves all stakeholders – students, teachers, parents and administration in achieving the success of our goals.

Inspires and empowers our students to make a positive difference to their world.

Actively inspires students to have empathy and compassion towards people everywhere.

Nourishes an appreciation of the life and culture of the host country and the international community as a whole