Our Philosophy

Teaching children is a commitment and responsibility. All children deserve respect and require to be loved. We believe that education is a combination of various aspects of life in which both teachers and parents are equal contributors to the child's overall personality. At Little World, we ensure that we guide them during these early and crucial formative years.

What our Parents say

“It gives us an immense sense of achievement that our son is with LWIS. We are really happy that our son is in such an amazing environment that fosters a positive attitude. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers, staff, and the management for their continuous care, support, collaboration and patience”.

Mr.Syed Abrar Ahmed

“We as parents are more than satisfied with the school environment, academic structure and teachers eagerness to bring the best out of every child. We have experienced some very positive changes not only in my daughter’s learning capabilities but also in the behavior”.

Mr.Jawwad A Khan

“As a parent, I am thrilled with the quality of education, the nurturing atmosphere, and the professionalism of the teachers and management team; They are knowledgeable, experienced, and always willing to go the extra mile to support the students. They communicate regularly with parents, keeping us informed about our children's progress and any concerns that may arise. I am impressed with the way the teachers personalize the learning experience for each child, ensuring that they are engaged and motivated to learn”.

Mr.Ameer Kret

“I truly appreciate the efforts of school administration and wonderful teachers and thank them for making learning so easy and enjoyable. The unique, interactive and playful activities used to engage students in the learning process are praiseworthy. At LWIS, knowledge is not just limited to books, students are encouraged to participate in variety of extracurricular activities which boosts self-confidence”.

Dr.Vidya Bhakta Ghaisas